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Ahmed Mahmoud Nagi

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Architectural Engineering

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This paper discusses the phenomenon of the spread of strip malls on the highways surrounding the cities, by comparing the experience of the private sector represented by (The Stripe) on the Dahshur link road and the experience of the government sector represented by (Chill Out) on the 26th of July corridor in surrounding area of Sheikh Zayed City. In spite of the spread of e-commerce, which has negatively affected large malls, strip malls are constantly increasing, as they have many competitive advantages. The study aims to evaluate this incoming urban phenomenon, its suitability to Egyptian society, and its impact on the distribution of markets within cities and surrounding urbanization. The researcher followed the descriptive approach in studying the patterns of shopping centers and the attributes of their success, and the comparative approach in studying the points of similarities and differences between the experience of the private and government sectors. The study concluded that the experience of the government sector is faster in terms of building completion and the highest occupancy rate.


Stripe Mall, Highway, Shopping Center, urban, roadside, retail

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