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Essam Abdelhady Aly Ghanem

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Original Study


Mobile laser scanning (MLS) systems are quickly establishing themselves as the primary source of high-quality digital elevation models (DEM). Data density is the key element that determine the quality of DEMs. Moreover, point density acts a vital role in MLS operation planning and MLS project's cost. This study's goal was to evaluate the impact of point density from MLS on creating DEMs and the accuracy of computed volume in different interpolation methods. The finding demonstrated that the DEM's quality and the volume are more impacted by density level and interpolation method. Interpolation methods are affected by point density. There is no single interpolation approach that is appropriate for all data sources. From this study, the different interpolation methods are suitable for use with dense sample data. In this study, the difference between interpolation approaches is very small because the surface is roughly flat.


Mobile laser scanning (MLS), digital elevation models (DEM), interpolation method, point density

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