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Alaa Allam

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Original Study


Various types of formworks are available in the market for construction of cast-in-place concrete structures. Formwork has a significant impact on both construction time and cost. As such, decision making on the optimal formwork system is difficult and timeconsuming for designers or planners particularly for high-rise buildings, where any reduction in the cost of single-story formwork significantly decrease total construction cost. Formworks must be designed effectively as numerous accidents have happened as a result of poor design decisions. This article presents a Genetic Algorithm optimization model to select the optimal formwork system among Cuplock, Shore brace and Props systems that widely used in the market. Market data on formwork components, systems, and pricing for many formwork manufacturers are gathered for this purpose. The proposed optimization model is applied on case study project. Results show that the proposed optimization significantly enhances the formwork design procedure and reduces formwork construction costs. The results indicate that the props system is the least expensive and easiest to construct, however it is limited to story heights up to 4.5m only. Cuplock and shore brace systems are almost having the same price, with the Cuplock system is easier to construct and weighs less than shore brace.


Optimization, Genetic algorithm, Formwork Design, Formwork Systems, Slab Formwork.

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