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Concrete is important construction material in civil applications. Portland Cement (PC) is considered the essential component material to produce the concrete, especially in high-strength concrete. Around ranging from 5-7% of CO2 was generated during PC production. Consequently, the concrete and PC production are change in the environment. So; it has become very important for the construction industry to focus on minimizing environmental pollution, energy consumption reduction. Several pozzolanic cementitious materials can be added as a fractional replacement of cement in concrete to reduce PC impact on environmental pollution. Pozzolanic materials include PC as one of its main components as well as natural or industrial by-products such as slag, silica fume, fly ash, etc. The major objective of this investigation is to study the effect of natural pozzolanic basalt on the properties of high strength concrete in terms of lower shrinkage, low permeability, high modulus of elasticity, or high strength using various percentages of basalt as replacement weights of PC by 5%, 10%, and 15% in concrete. Fresh concrete workability, setting times, compressive of concrete strength, splitting tensile strength, flexural strength, and concrete porosity percentage were investigated by testing samples of hardened concrete at various ages 7, 28, 56, and 90 days. According to the test results in this investigation, it can be concluded that the optimum quantity of basalt as a replacement for PC in high concrete compressive strength mix is 10%, increasing in compressive strength, splitting, and flexural strength by 18.29%, 72.69%, and 15.23%, respectively, while decreasing in porosity by 18.26% when compared with a specimen without basalt.


Basalt, Natural pozzolanic, High strength concrete, Blended cement, Splitting tensile strength

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