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Electronics and Communication Engineering

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A proposed design of graphene-based hybrid plasmonic waveguide is presented to improve the propagation length with a good confinement. The suggested design has multilayers of SiO2–graphene/ SiO2– GaAs – graphene/ SiO2. The full vectorial finite element method (FVFEM) is used to study the effective index (neff), propagation length (Lp), and normalized effective mode area (Aeff) of the supported hybrid plasmonic modes. In this investigation, the structure geometrical parameters are studied to achieve an ultra-small effective mode area with low propagation loss. The numerical results show that long propagation length of 138 µm at frequency of 3THz is achieved with normalized mode area of ~10-5λ2 and propagation loss of 0.0315 dB/µm. Therefore, the reported waveguide has advantages in terms of low propagation loss with a good field confinement which can be effectively used in integrated photonic devices.


Graphene, subwavelength confinement, plasmonic, THz waveguide

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