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Samia Souror

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Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Original Study


Searchable encryption techniques are intelligent tools that attempt to solve the challenge of querying stored data on untrusted cloud servers while preserving data confidentiality. This paper proposes simple, powerful, and practical Searchable Symmetric Encryption (SSE) scheme which capable of executing SQL (Structural Query Language) queries over encrypted cloud databases. Our scheme improves the efficiency of the search over encrypted data by using the SCKHA (Symmetric Cipher based on Key Hashing Algorithm) algorithm instead of using the bloom filter technique which causes the problem of the false positives. We built a complicated index structure for the encrypted data by combining the encryption of the data unit using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) scheme with the encryption of SCKHA scheme for the same data to ensure data security. We also proposed a complete framework for implementing our construction, validating its practicality to achieve exact and partial search over encrypted SQL databases. Furthermore, we performed experiments on adult data sets and analyzed the experimental results in terms of computation time for index generation, trapdoor generation and average search. Experiments showed that the taken time for generating the trapdoor and the keyword search in our scheme is faster than other schemes. We also analyzed the security of our scheme and evaluated its performance experimentally and theoretically. Finally, we provide features for evaluating single, conjunctive, and disjunctive queries.


Data privacy, Database outsourcing, SCKHA algorithm, Searchable symmetric encryption, Trapdoor function

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