Corresponding Author

Nihal F. F. Areed

Subject Area

Biomedical Engineering

Article Type

Original Study


This work proposes a slotted microstrip patch antenna with an inset feed and defective ground structure (DGS). The proposed antenna is built with Roger-RT/5880 (Ԑr=2.2) as the substrate material for X-band application with a resonant frequency of 10 GHz. The proposed design has been simulated using Finite Element Method (FEM) and the results of bandwidth and gain read about 700MHz and 8dB; respectively. The suggested design is compared with previously published equivalent designs in light of the most recent research. The comparison reveal that that the suggested design with tuned dimensions offers higher gain and wider bandwidth than what has already been described. Additionally, the proposed antenna is employed for detecting the breast tissue tumors with different radii through calculating the return loss curves of the antenna. The antennas’ position in relation to the utilized breast phantom is optimized to effectively identify a tumor with a minimum radius of 3 mm as well as considering the special safety issues to be less than1.6 W/Kg for a 1g of cube-shaped tissue.


Microsrtip Patch Antenna, Defect Ground structure, Bandwidth Gain, phantom breast mode, Breast tissue tumour Bandwidth gain

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