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Ahmed Mahmoud Nagi

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Architectural Engineering

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Modern technical developments have changed many countries' concepts, theories, and study plans for architecture programs. These developments have provided great possibilities through which it was possible to shorten effort and time, therefore new specifications and skills appeared that the architect required to integrate into the labor market, which in turn imposed Additional requirements. These overlapping data raise many questions about architecture programs in general, the syllabus of history and theories of architecture, and the extent of their response to these developments and their response to the labor market. Here lies the importance of the research. The study and the extent of the graduate’s benefit when joining the labor market, through a comparative study of numbers of private institutes and colleges that are local, Arab, and international architecture, and doing a questionnaire that aims to know the opinions of those who in charge of teaching, students and graduates to reach results and recommendations.


Architectural education - History and theories of architecture- Development-Labor market

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