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Marwa Al Yazedy

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Architectural Engineering

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Original Study


The design in order to change the use has become one of the requirements of the functional efficiency of the building, which in turn is reflected in the sustainability of the building's use without the need for physical changes that result in large demolition waste as it is reflected in the quality of the user's life, the more the building is flexible in a way that guarantees the change of uses with changing current needs or future needs whenever Its job efficiency and his lifelong increased, and the user was satisfied with his residence for new residential units. Through the theoretical and analytical study of models that valued the general use and visual privacy with the applied study to assess the general use and the extent of visual vision of architectural patterns in 3 projects of medium income housing projects in Egypt by applying both the SAGA and VGA method to study samples. The research concluded that, the importance of the design is based on the general use and the necessity of giving strategies to apply this concept in the educational and administrative institutions for implementation and issuance of permits. The research also recommended some design solutions that would increase the general use while maintaining visual privacy.


Spatial configuration, visual privacy, Generality in use, functionality, resilience design, adaptability, quantative evaluation, residential units, Space Syntax, SAGA method

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