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Due to the world's growing population and increasing medical costs, smart and affordable healthcare has gained favour. It is essential to develop an effective e-health monitoring system that can identify abnormalities in real-time and support professionals in making diagnoses based on the data acquired. Recent advancements in mobile and cloud computing have led to the development of numerous cloud-based healthcare services and products. In this paper, an IoT-based wearable e-health monitoring system is presented. It continually monitors the patient's vital signs, including body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and an electrocardiogram (ECG). Using an IoT platform, we managed to design and implement an E-Health monitoring system for heart disease monitoring using the remote Blynk and mobile applications. Heart diseases that can be detected from implemented system are arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, heart attacks, and cardiomyopathy. To test the system performance, we compared the system findings with that measured by Japan Fukuda ECG Machine Cardizem C110 Digital Single Channel, Apple, and Samsung smartwatches. These systems can detect only existence of BPM problems but can't diagnose them. However, the proposed system measures the vital signal parameters including the ECG signals, so it. is beneficial for detecting heart diseases and doctors can diagnose patients remotely. The obtained findings for Atrial Fibrillation individuals show that accuracy of proposed system readings for ambient temperature, object temperature, heart rate, and Spo2 are 98.5%, 97.3%, 96.7%, and 98.3% respectively relative to Apple smartwatch readings and 97.2%, 95.3%, 96.1%, and 97.5% respectively relative to Samsung-galaxy smartwatch readings.


ECG, Internet of Things; Smart wearable devices; Cloud-based healthcare services; Vital signs; E-health monitoring; Apple, and Samsung smartwatches

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