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Here, in this paper we try to focus on the bi-metal non-semiconductor photo catalyst for the Production of hydrogen from sodium borohydride instead of semi conductor photo catalyst which have an excellent performance in photo-catalysis. In this paper , we studied the combination of CuNi bi-metal(developed and reinforced on MWCNTs) as a non-semiconductor photo-catalyst that generates electrons for the Production of hydrogen from sodium borohydride with led light as source of light , We also added CuNi on multi wall carbon nano tubes (MWCNTs) for increasing the surface area of the reaction. We studied the effect of different quantity of CuNi@MWCNTs (5,10,15,20,mg) with keeping the other parameters constant , also we studied the effect of changing the led light intensity 81,70,64,54,45 watt/m2 keeping the other parameters constant towards the hydrolytic photolysis of sodium borohydrides over a temperature of 298 - 328 K . It was illustrated that the optimal conditions for synthesis 118 ml of hydrogen in 18 sec was by adding 50 mg of NaBH4 to 50 milliliters of distilled water with 20 mg of bi-metal catalysts at led light intensity of 60 watt/m2 at temperature of 328K . The hydrogen released rate in the presence of the CuNi bi-metal added to MWCNTs in presence of led light as photo catalyst was greatly improved than when the experiment had been processed in dark. we hope that Our results may take a great role in the development of a nonsemiconductor- based photo-catalytic system for applications in the photo catalysis field.


bi-metal, CuNi@MWCNTs, photo-catalyst, non- semiconductor, Synthesis of H2, NaBH4 .

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