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Aml Abd El-Wareth Mohamed

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Architectural Engineering

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Abstract— Historic cities with challenges in trying to integrate their heritage buildings to keep pace with the age of technology, by developing a vision for an intelligent environment (IE) of the future that would integrate smart systems for conservation on heritage. Recent, information and communications technology (ICT) progress has diverse smart heritage solutions, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and longevity for future generations. Research problem includes challenging the possibility of integrating smart systems into heritage buildings while conserving its values, identity, and using it effectively, sustainably manner, also no comprehensive model for smart technology integration in heritage buildings for automation and control within a smart sustainable vision. Research aims to explore opportunities for merging smart technology with heritage buildings. This involves defining integrated smart systems for conservation on heritage buildings and proposing a mechanism for incorporating smart technological systems to meet heritage conservation needs. Research Methodology involves an analytical-inductive-deductive approach, divided into four main parts. It covers a theoretical background, explores smart heritage concepts, analyzes some of international smart heritage building technologies, and proposes a mechanism for integrating smart systems into heritage conservation. Study concludes that technological advancements and smart systems can enhance heritage building conservation, recommending the adoption of the proposed mechanism.


Heritage Buildings and Environments; Smart Environments and Systems; Smart Heritage; Smart Conservation; Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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