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Ahmed AbdelMonteleb M. Ali

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Architectural Engineering

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Original Study


Approximately 40% of greenhouse gas emissions globally are attributed to the construction industry, with building materials alone accounting for 11%. This study evaluated several building materials and techniques to investigate alternative possibilities for retrofitting a residential villa. The research methodology thoroughly evaluated the building materials and techniques employed in a Saudi villa as a case study located in Buraidah within the Al-Qassim Region. This examination included the structural integrity and cost comparison between the current and suggested scenarios. Alternative building materials and methods are discovered, and their possible application in retrofitting the villa is examined based on this evaluation. The following six possibilities have been examined: (1) Insulating Precast System, (2) Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, (3) Tunnel Form, (4) Light Gauge Steel, (5) Cladding Materials, and (6) Nanotechnology materials. As the main results, there are fluctuations between the price differences, from 21% to 75% deductions, depending on the price of the suggested building materials. Also, owners. Furthermore, the material industry plays an important role as the primary and leading provider of the construction industry in KSA. Ultimately, the results provide useful information to those interested in supporting alternative retrofitting techniques in the residential sector, including legislators, the building industry, architects, engineers, and homeowners


Building Technology Techniques; Building Materials; Alternative Solutions; Saudi Villa

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